Patrice Patenaude


Hello world.

My name is Patrice Patenaude and I am a graphic designer living in Montreal, Qc.

So, you want to know more about me ?
Let do this like a questionnaire.

How old are you?
- "I just turned 24."

Have you studied in graphic design?
- "Yes. I studied at Ahuntsic College for 3 years in graphism and I have now my diploma."

Why did you decide to choose the graphic design?
- "..I didn't select it. I'm a artist, nothing more. Since I'm young, I pay attention to all possible details of everything. The only real good thing I was good and abstract by at primary school was plastic arts and music. Art is for me the best way to communicate with other peoples."

How can you describe yourself?
- "I'm a good living guy, I'm very power-energetic and hyperactive. I'm in love with my Imac 27" and I'm a photoshop addict."

What is your style?
- "I'm very versatile. If not, I just can't figure what my style is. All my works are leading by the passion that I've got to create."

What is your favorite video games?
- "Savage 2, Starcraft 2, Counter-strike Source and Super Smash Bros."

Have you any design mention?
- "Yes! Some of my projects are appearing in the "Daily inspirations" on Abduzeedo"

What is your biggest project up to date?
- "A tools distributor called Experts Industriels Inc."

What is your top 5 favorite websites?

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